Ideal Distributors Include:

▪ Printing companies
▪ Wedding Companies
▪ Event Planners
▪ Graphic Design Companies
▪ Trade Show Organizers
▪ Fine Food Establishments

▪ Wedding Planners
▪ Stationary Stores
▪ Engraving Stores
▪ Chocolate Shops
▪ Convention Companies
▪ Candy Stores


Open your business to the opportunities Custom Chocolate Company offers!

Access our complete portfolio of custom chocolate products.

Become a one stop location for all of your clients branded product needs.

If you wish to become a distributor please contact

Product branding opportunities:

On the back of Custom Chocolate Company products a small logo
is embossed.  Distributors may have their own logo embossed on
their ordered products to better establish and promote their brand.